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Sal 14 timer siden
You should get your dogs a bed from Big Barker. Lifetime warranty. They’re great for big dogs who get hips problems etc
Vance Epenesa
Vance Epenesa 12 dager siden
I’ve been binge watching vlogmas because December was so hectic with work and now that it’s calmed down I’ve had time throughout the day to watch and I really enjoy the content! Glad I’m catching up! Really love the vids man keep up the great work!
Mustxqim 18 dager siden
SpyroRoar 22 dager siden
If you ever have to change out the oil plug washer like that and don’t want to lose the oil. Get a shop vac and take off the tip of and hold up against the oil cap with it obviously off and turn on the vacuum. It should create enough suction to hold the oil up and you can take out the plug lol
John Reed
John Reed 22 dager siden
Take a shot for every time TJ says “car”
Rydnorth 25 dager siden
Just a good 2JZ start up to start the day 🤘🏻
Michael Callis
Michael Callis 26 dager siden
How many fucking ads can you put in a video holy fuck
Nismo Mike
Nismo Mike 28 dager siden
Ayy Teej upgrade the mk4 supra to some lasfit LED'S and stop blinding people with the high beams lol
Ivanol Boralife
Ivanol Boralife 29 dager siden
TJ dont salt that steak before cooking it dries out! 😄🔥
lachdawg 29 dager siden
Why do Americans use paper plates? SO weird
Jason Hopkins
Jason Hopkins Måned siden
Marcus Cummings
Marcus Cummings Måned siden
Next time for steaks ditch the salt use a garlic pepper blend it’s all you’ll need
D Folks
D Folks Måned siden
color combo on this car is perfect clean classy . great machine i own I own sane color on g35 . great content
Tom Mathis
Tom Mathis Måned siden
That blue is sooooooo much better looking than white
Philippe Goguen
Philippe Goguen Måned siden
All that money and all those cars, still uses paper plates lol.
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley Måned siden
Crush washers like that suck if they dance around the bolt shaft because of too loose of clearance
matteo dattolo
matteo dattolo Måned siden
Fun fact teej when cooking thick steaks they come out softer and easier to cook more evenly of you first let the steak get to room temp, then after salting press the salt into the steak, then get the pan nice and hot and Sear the outside of the steak, then drop a bit of butter in top of the steak, set the oven to 400, then drop the whole pan in the oven for 5-10 minutes depending on how you like it cooked👌👌👌
Caden Haines
Caden Haines Måned siden
on Nissan's use Toyota crush washers they work so much better
Simba916k Måned siden
if you have this issue again put a rag over the fill hole and place a shop vac over it then take the plug out and you won’t lose any oil
Thomas Norman
Thomas Norman Måned siden
I wonder how long until TJ is sponsored by a crush washer company... also, a take a shot every time he says crush washer.
Jason Lehsten
Jason Lehsten Måned siden
Hey there’s no walls at willow springs so you’ll be fine teej
Mauricio Saldarriaga
Mauricio Saldarriaga Måned siden
bruh I'm watching since the Mkaeover of miley, wher you wrapped her purple, and you first got the yellow z.... and when she just said "way back when we moved in together and got blue" it just felt like it was yesterday but it's not and I realized that I'm getting old...
EL1te _Someone
EL1te _Someone Måned siden
Yo can’t do Randy like that bro lol
Mr Leamerz
Mr Leamerz Måned siden
Why do all you American's drive around with your damn high beams on ? WTF is with that !
Anthony Chhieu
Anthony Chhieu Måned siden
Day 2 of asking for a Hunt&Co flag restock/drop
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life Måned siden
I think it's because Huskies are more independent goldens are way more social. I mean Huskies are like little wolves.
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen Måned siden
I like your vlogs
Jefe Music
Jefe Music Måned siden
“Best steaks come from Sprouts” that’s cuz homeboys never heard of Earth Fare!!
Daniel Mika
Daniel Mika Måned siden
Parks the Supra under a 370Z that’s leaking oil?
Julian Gay
Julian Gay Måned siden
Robs Autos
Robs Autos Måned siden
I just bought a 2021 A91 Edition Supra, definitely digging your MK5!!!
Joe Singleton
Joe Singleton Måned siden
If you need some help cooking those steaks you should reverse sear them
Farhad Liaquat
Farhad Liaquat Måned siden
So how's this dude can afford Not only a nice car like this plus all the modifications. Hmmm rich parents? Lucky fuck lol
William Hildebrandt
William Hildebrandt Måned siden
I thought TJ already openly said he loved Kona more?
Aphro120 Måned siden
Lmaooo cigars with the boys went ham
Andy Wang
Andy Wang Måned siden
Why are the best parts always the fam hanging at home 🤣 accents at 14:29 had me rofling
Divine Drift
Divine Drift Måned siden
That Asian dude has a gray line of hair running down the back of his head. Pepé Le Pew Has to be his nickname lol.
Brian Guevara
Brian Guevara Måned siden
We need more Cigar nights on the porch 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Lundmark
Daniel Lundmark Måned siden
holy shit i just realized that i have watched every single vlog for 4 years now its like routine to watch your vlogs by now
Andres Acosta
Andres Acosta Måned siden
Put on a fucking mask TJ
Francesco Ambrosano
Francesco Ambrosano Måned siden
Dude this outro gives me goosebumps and i don‘t know why 😂
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston Måned siden
Cant wait to see the new Throtl/Hunt shop on the new land!
ccTornado Gaming
ccTornado Gaming Måned siden
still did the outro with you 🥺
JonGabril Abril
JonGabril Abril Måned siden
I didn’t see a stick of butter go into the pan so I’m not watching till the end 😞
Elijah Ruiz
Elijah Ruiz Måned siden
You are killing it tj love the daily uploads
basshead medrano 89
basshead medrano 89 Måned siden
Tj hunt and illiminate together 🔥 👏
TOM MO Måned siden
Need to get back behind the wheel.
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart Måned siden
I love your videos the favourite car for me is your rx7 in the next video can you Rev it please thank you have a good Christmas and a happy new year
agnew11000 Måned siden
I need the Italian accents in every cigar scene FROM NOW ON!
Tyler Sierra
Tyler Sierra Måned siden
Your videos would be ten times better if your girl came out with her own videos and content so she could remain off of yours... please please please tell her. A lot of us would really appreciate it.
Philli Ramirez
Philli Ramirez Måned siden
what do u MEANNN bored?? we fkin love u guys i wish it was vlogmass every month..i know its TOO much to do a boy can dream...i been watching since u lived at home and then u got this house and now ur moving to a bigger one i can't wait!!! so happy to see someone that spreads so much positivity winning as u deserve to be!! shoutout to queen sabrina!!
Thorin Lamkey
Thorin Lamkey Måned siden
That supra turbo spool tho 🤤
durzey Måned siden
yessir tJ!
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia Måned siden
yoo peep my vlog I made hunt fam? Tj inspired me to finally vlog
throtl Måned siden
always remember who taught you how to cook them filet's
Rydnorth 25 dager siden
Yes! Haha
jogie ray braga
jogie ray braga 26 dager siden
i hope u could include the philippines in ur raffle and the merch at
Gaming4Life Måned siden
Congrats on a mil!
FUL * FLEDGE Måned siden
Hell yea
Aileen Trasmonte
Aileen Trasmonte Måned siden
iMel Måned siden
What color is the supra wrap and from WHOOOOO😍😍😍😍
MSabatino79 Måned siden
Chef here: use a cast iron or high carbon content pan instead of the non-stick and get a salt pig for the kitchen and save that wrist action for more important activities.
Joshua George
Joshua George Måned siden
Vlogmas baby
david stelio Cumbula
david stelio Cumbula Måned siden
You are scared!
West coast Turbos
West coast Turbos Måned siden
Not feeling the blue color
Cristian IsBae
Cristian IsBae Måned siden
love you tj
Tony Hightower
Tony Hightower Måned siden
Love my golden Dixie. My yellow Lab Charlie is the best dog I have ever had and only got Dixie to keep Charlie active. Now the golden is my baby girl and won’t leave my side
ezeceal00 Måned siden
Happy holidays Sabrina and tj 😁
Zahid Khan
Zahid Khan Måned siden
I miss chief tj tacos 🌮 + milk 🥛
Christopher Oyola
Christopher Oyola Måned siden
Any updates on the Winter Collection tracking numbers?
Who is With me
Who is With me Måned siden
Tbh, The newest Supra looks like crap compare to the one made in the 90’s
Saud Chowdhary
Saud Chowdhary Måned siden
I feel bad for Blue! HE DESERVES MORE LOVE THAN HE GETS! I'm down to take him if he doesn't get enough love!! 😤❤️
R F Måned siden
Was so disappointed when chef teeg said he was gonna boil the corn on the cob 😌😌😌
DeVon Le
DeVon Le Måned siden
The Cigar blooper are so funny 😂
Liam Maddox
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rishiabuhh Måned siden
this is going in top 10 anime crossovers of all time
Danny Leno
Danny Leno Måned siden
I deadass want a plate of that
A.K. Måned siden
Stupid "anti hair loss" sponsoring lol xD... You cant change whats in your genes... If they have hair loss on their list you will be bald some day :P
Diego Jiménez
Diego Jiménez Måned siden
Where did you guys get you’re dogs trained at ? They are soo well behaved
Raheem Måned siden
Season 4 of big mouth is alright but 1 and 2 were better
Lejay Thompson
Lejay Thompson Måned siden
17:48 Sabrina moved hella quick out of frame
Brayden Corse-scott
Brayden Corse-scott Måned siden
I’m loving the daily uploads tj! They are the best part of my day ❤️
KUSH BARIYA Måned siden
This channel is addiction to me
KUSH BARIYA Måned siden
I started watching tj hunt channel when he got lambo
KUSH BARIYA Måned siden
And now these channel had become my addiction
Saf _YT ツ
Saf _YT ツ Måned siden
That 2020 C8 Corvette Street hunter Widebody looks clean AF👌🏻👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 🔥 🔥 that red man mmmmm looks sexy AF
S. K. M
S. K. M Måned siden
KONA is a great name ♥️☺️⭐⭐
Noah S
Noah S Måned siden
Ngl I can’t tell if Teej is ripped or not after the cigar clips.😂 Still calling he’s gonna propose on Christmas/New Years!
Brucio Wilbur
Brucio Wilbur Måned siden
Sabrina if you want the steak cooked diffrent cook your own just sayin 🤷‍♂️ lol 😆 😜
Dark Ghost
Dark Ghost Måned siden
Tj the Supra needs the tj special window tint
Israel Porcayo
Israel Porcayo Måned siden
best way to end a tuesday night💯
Mr. Jett
Mr. Jett Måned siden
no fricking way. I sat down to watch this video with the EXACT plate of food for dinner. Same exact oven roasted herb golden potatoes and everything. I love it
BanditBlu 1776
BanditBlu 1776 Måned siden
Was hoping you got rid of the 350 both of the Z... 😕 I mean I’m glad you love them just personal never liked them 400 looks cool and will be turbo I will never get one but Atleast they going to be nice again
Yuhki Takenami
Yuhki Takenami Måned siden
From the beginning I already know who is he
iMaGiNe Måned siden
Crush washer should be the same diameter as the drain bolt dude. Should have zero play.
Matthew Abajian
Matthew Abajian Måned siden
I look forward to Tj’s vlogs every morning
Swish856 Måned siden
Illiminate is literally the best car squad on youtube hands down
Relic XT
Relic XT Måned siden
So what is the little thing on the back of the Supra like the triangle square thing
big gooose
big gooose Måned siden
This guy hates blue
Driftyy Dan
Driftyy Dan Måned siden
I love Randy’s vibes sooooo much
Ignacio B
Ignacio B Måned siden
Never tired of the videos tj... keep the hits coming!!!! 👏👍
Samuel Christensen
Samuel Christensen Måned siden
My grandma has a 1994 (I think) toyota celica and is on her third engine and the wiring throughout the car has gone out and now she has to buy a new car. For some reason this just brings back the good memories of riding in that car as scary as it was as a child
973 Gaming
973 Gaming Måned siden
Yo Teej why do you always have the full beams on in the supra bruh 😂💔
Austin Knudson
Austin Knudson Måned siden
I loved when y’all were on the porch 😂
Jason Burnham
Jason Burnham Måned siden
Blue needs a dog bed for his sleeping spot. My dog will do the same. If she is tired she will go upstairs and crash in her bed.
Hayden Hall
Hayden Hall Måned siden
Gonna be depressed starting December 26th. Gonna miss this
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