2JZ 350z Damage + Sabrina Birthday Suit!

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Tj Hunt

27 dager siden

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Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 7 dager siden
Use ARP studs into the spacers, or custom long AF studs from the hubs
Anthony R
Anthony R 14 dager siden
TJ, next time you try to pound a beer like that, put a bendy straw in and bend it down to let air in.
Streamline Garage
Streamline Garage 17 dager siden
Ok just so everyone knows.. its not just stacking those slip on spacers on other spacers that have studs on them.. even slip on spacers just over the factory hubs with factory length wheel studs is a NO NO.. it is ok if it is not an aggressive slip on spacer.. but you should still be mindful of the factory length wheel studs. Best thing is to run extended wheel studs when using any slip on spacers! I've made the mistake in the past and added too much stress to my wheels studs, had them snap on the road leaving me stranded.
AudibleVisible 19 dager siden
The blonde on Sabrina is confusing
AudibleVisible 19 dager siden
Tj definitely had a 3 some that night
Trystan Hoffmann
Trystan Hoffmann 19 dager siden
Jordan James
Jordan James 20 dager siden
Who else is here looking for the “bone ass dry cake” comment?
Andy 19 dager siden
Me 😂😂💀
Julius Mester
Julius Mester 20 dager siden
You should run like a 10W-60 in the 350z because ist always ist getting high RPMs
Julius Mester
Julius Mester 20 dager siden
In germany its a law to run at least 7 threads.
Rydnorth 23 dager siden
Love to see but don’t see it often 😂😂
Dan Schumann
Dan Schumann 23 dager siden
lol sequential shifter 700 hp clutch kicks have no relevance to the failure of the studs if you dont know what your talking about its okay just dont pretend like you do
Blake Austin
Blake Austin 23 dager siden
another low quality bs video
Edosa EsanborEriamiatoe
Edosa EsanborEriamiatoe 23 dager siden
Sorry, but I am here for the birthday suit
Tripod Inc.
Tripod Inc. 24 dager siden
Ms. Briahna 🔥🔥🔥
J Twig
J Twig 25 dager siden
Fast forwarded straight to the bday suit...but no bday suit.😟
E_CASSIS153 25 dager siden
It’s the out of focus moments at the end that just make vlogmas what it is 😂😂
Kyle White
Kyle White 25 dager siden
I love how in the birthday party footage, as the night went on the camera got blurrier and blurrier 🤣. It's like virtual reality drunk-vision, lmao.
Yianni Tsagarakis
Yianni Tsagarakis 25 dager siden
Your issue wasn’t caused by not having enough thread. The issue is there was no support from the hub which puts all the stress on the studs, so you run the same risk on the 370z since the spacers are taking up the hub.
Gio Zmani
Gio Zmani 25 dager siden
Sabrinas family is so dooppe gets your mercch hunt&co baby!
Floyd Frampton
Floyd Frampton 25 dager siden
Slap on some fat 10j’s!
Chad Bedderson
Chad Bedderson 25 dager siden
these guy's LOVE to waste money and things
Rick Rasterdly
Rick Rasterdly 25 dager siden
Why does Calvin wear a woman's gold necklace?
C G 25 dager siden
Yo tj love your vids soo much i became a member even tho u dont post about memberships. Im going to be taking mechanic classes in the fall bc I love cars so much and college isn't my thing. I have faith that I will get to the point of meeting you some day. I might start a channel once I start building my first car(c6 zo6 corvette hopefully) which will prob be in the next 2 years. Your'e the GOAT man! GOD BLESS!!!
Dominican Ricer
Dominican Ricer 25 dager siden
This a vlog to remember🙏
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 25 dager siden
i know😢
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 25 dager siden
A Chick with cancer partying and getting drunk? Would be nice if you people took it serious that she is still in a life or death situation and drinking doesnt help anything. So Grow the fuck up.
Sebastian reyes
Sebastian reyes 25 dager siden
Never forget Thaddius Joaquin just
Eric Schutt
Eric Schutt 25 dager siden
Your failure was mainly due to losing the hubcentric interface between the rim and the spacer (from too many slip on spacers). Of course lugs have to be long enough, but they sheared on the hub face...the threads didn’t fail.
#girldad !
#girldad ! 25 dager siden
That cake wasn't the only this lit
Luke Slater
Luke Slater 25 dager siden
Happy Birthday To You Sabrina😘🎂.
Mike Rossum
Mike Rossum 25 dager siden
You guys must be drunk because you're all blurry.
Karson King
Karson King 25 dager siden
Legit choked on my food when Brianna decided to THROW THAT SHIT BACK AND RIDE SABRINA LIKE A HORSE. 😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯 @8:33 lmfaooooooo
Nismo Mike
Nismo Mike 25 dager siden
Hang the spacer on the build wall
Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon 25 dager siden
Happy Birthday Sabrina!!!!! Damn Vlogmas is almost over. Shit!!!!!
omarp63 25 dager siden
9:25... weakest SEND I’ve ever seen 😂💀 MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL!! 🎁 🌲
Riftor 25 dager siden
Sabrina be looking like a whole diff person with that much makeup lol
Jeremy Anthony
Jeremy Anthony 25 dager siden
Did Sabrina get her drivers license back yet?
A Child of God
A Child of God 25 dager siden
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Tom P
Tom P 26 dager siden
There's nothing more cringe then white girls wasted together
chris siano
chris siano 26 dager siden
Happy Late B-Day Sabrina
Diego Armando García Amor
Diego Armando García Amor 26 dager siden
Happy birthday Sabrina!
Evan Scalo
Evan Scalo 26 dager siden
8:34 WTF
Alex Stava
Alex Stava 26 dager siden
my guy.. you're not eating up on the lugs, you don't have the "center bore support" anymore.. the wheel is only held on the lugs, instead of the center metal piece. That's why centering rings or whatever they're called are a thing.. Don't fckn now English names for those.
Nick .V4
Nick .V4 26 dager siden
came for sabrina in her birthday suit stayed for 2jz 350z
The science Of training
The science Of training 26 dager siden
Why oh why use slip on’s the wheel needs that lip to rest on . You relying on a nut and blot to hold a wheel on.
Miguel Castillo
Miguel Castillo 26 dager siden
Mickey eating them sabritones those are 🔥
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
TheDemobus/Auto creator's 26 dager siden
besides the studs the slip ones are taking away from the centric ring thats adding support to the center bore of the wheel
BanditBlu 1776
BanditBlu 1776 26 dager siden
Can that ending be the ending to every video or justifying a family daily vlog in the view point of Sabrina
Richard Romero
Richard Romero 26 dager siden
Happy birthday Sabrina!
Kevin Noel
Kevin Noel 26 dager siden
So in other words, you are not meeting minimum thread engagement rule?
George Berkley
George Berkley 26 dager siden
Just get the right size wheels
Wildin Automotive
Wildin Automotive 26 dager siden
Love watching you learn and grow TJ and thanks for teaching us on your journey!!!!!
Alejandro Carrillo
Alejandro Carrillo 26 dager siden
I feel like sabrina is gonna be in a literal birthday suit (a suit that says birthday)
N1S_MOE 26 dager siden
Not failed spacer more like fail by operator who installed a slip on spacer onto another spacer 🤣
josh 26 dager siden
Where this birthday malarkey at?! Was looking forward to it
Ricky T
Ricky T 26 dager siden
Happy belated b day Sabrina. So glad things are going better for you 😃
M H81
M H81 26 dager siden
BlackAckCL 26 dager siden
Has extended lugs on his beater car but not his "comp car" 🤣
Daniel Pickell
Daniel Pickell 26 dager siden
Loving Sabrina's new hair
Andrew Gregg
Andrew Gregg 26 dager siden
The most wholesome of videos. You love to see it
steven Carey
steven Carey 26 dager siden
Happy birthday Sabrina
Jason Perry
Jason Perry 26 dager siden
LOL yeah I have to agree that "rack" and pinion at 8:20 pretty nice I might have got confused on that time i put...lol Happy Birthday Sabrina !!!!!!
david surprenant
david surprenant 26 dager siden
lol kona was like someone send help
Bertrum1981 26 dager siden
The wheel sits on the centre bore ( the sticky out bit) if you don’t have that sticking out as per TJ all the load goes through the bolts. Also make sure you have the correct size spigot rings so the wheel is properly supported.
King RJ
King RJ 26 dager siden
Birthday montage are awesome! Those should be tradition for the Vlog from now on 👌🎉🍾
Jeff Duya
Jeff Duya 26 dager siden
Hubcentric spacers are the one you need :)
agustin arrona
agustin arrona 26 dager siden
Switch over to 370z hubs and axels. Bolts straight up, holds more power for relatively cheap
socalexpeditions 26 dager siden
Does anyone know what handle he's using on the harbor freight power washer in the beginning of the video?
Ricardo Salas
Ricardo Salas 26 dager siden
Lmao he hit the “cut cut! I SAID CUT!”
Cameron Diebolt
Cameron Diebolt 26 dager siden
Lmao, “These stock axels are about $80 used each. The 700 hp axels are about 700 each. So just a couple hundred more.”
DeVon Le
DeVon Le 26 dager siden
Happy birthday sabrina 🎉 Teej are you gonna do a e36/e46 build.just curious
Anonymous 26 dager siden
Happy birthday. Mine was on the 20th !!!
Garforce II
Garforce II 26 dager siden
slip ons are bad, you loose the hub centering and throwing those wheels around off center is also causing extra strain on those lugs
RoyalOceanRWB 26 dager siden
Why not just get wider wheels for the 350z? Then no need for spacers at all
Mm 26 dager siden
Not gonna lie that looks like some dry ass cake 😂
Nathan Haviza
Nathan Haviza 26 dager siden
We need more big T
Jester Lobo
Jester Lobo 26 dager siden
hoping one day i want to own one of those cars of yours
ramiro hurtado
ramiro hurtado 26 dager siden
Take the 350z to CarMax
Cameron Utter
Cameron Utter 26 dager siden
sabrinas check liver light has joined the chat
Peter Bynen
Peter Bynen 26 dager siden
8:33 tj missin out
Toledo 26 dager siden
Hahahaa Mickey is cute with his bag of Sabritones🤩😅🔥🔥
Angelo Sichetti
Angelo Sichetti 26 dager siden
happy birthday sabrina Love you
tarm natawoot
tarm natawoot 26 dager siden
No outro 😭
Daniel Riccio
Daniel Riccio 26 dager siden
Sabrina blonde... the new Rita Ora? 😍
Han_Gyeol_Sheld 26 dager siden
Sometimes I feel ike TJ actually has 2 gfs lol
Tahmid Shanto
Tahmid Shanto 26 dager siden
A very Happy Birthday Queen
sk8seddon 26 dager siden
Mate it's not the threads on the studs that make em fail it's that your not using the hub centric locator to support the wheel as designed
Fried My Oreos
Fried My Oreos 26 dager siden
Anyone here knows what happened to Chris Rodknock it’s been awhile since he uploaded
Steven Flo
Steven Flo 26 dager siden
dig sabrinas new weave but now she kinda look like jeffrey star ⭐️ happy bday tho sabrina 💕
Bimmer Life
Bimmer Life 26 dager siden
8:34 Teej are u gettin pegged sometimes? Looks like she's had practice lmao
Tyler Coyle
Tyler Coyle 25 dager siden
Brianna was throwing that thang baaaack
Zeke Tha Gamer
Zeke Tha Gamer 26 dager siden
We got the same birthday i turned 25 today 😁🎉🎉🎉
Hayden 26 dager siden
Seeing you and Sabrina together like that at the end made me smile🤧
Ville 26 dager siden
If someone says that large spacer does not cause strain, he is an idiot and should go to physics lessons. No matter how guru he pretends to be, period.
Carlos V
Carlos V 26 dager siden
bday sex !!! baby hunt
jerry henderson
jerry henderson 26 dager siden
Spacers are like breaker bars , when you move further away from the hub the strain on the hub increases . It's like a bigger hammer , or a fat kid on a teeter totter . Where as a dished wheel transfers that load / strain to the wheel instead of the hub .
Christopher Rea
Christopher Rea 26 dager siden
Gotta sandwich 1 slip on (5mm max) under the spacer and another 5mm on the outside of the spacer. Still 10mm and good stud engagement. I did that on my 400hp s14 in Japan and went to a bunch of events with ZERO issues. Daily drove it too.
Toni Takave
Toni Takave 26 dager siden
Can tj even votex though
Boodet93 26 dager siden
Not gna lie, but the ending of this video made me smile. A lot of happiness in a few mins. Great job TJ 🙏🏽
Josue Padilla
Josue Padilla 26 dager siden
Who else saw mickey eating chicharones 😂😂🇲🇽
Sig Jamison
Sig Jamison 26 dager siden
9:08 is the best... 🙌
HITMIX HYEPOCK 26 dager siden
Still waiting on title of outro song lol
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