Surprising a Subscriber with his Christmas Wish!!

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

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Eric Bah
Eric Bah 13 dager siden
why does it look like tj is the one being surprised?
JAMES TORRES 16 dager siden
TJ: On a scale to 1-10, how excited are you. Kid: 2..... lmao!
Alfonso Torres Castillo
Alfonso Torres Castillo 19 dager siden
Damn I want a ride along in the Supra!
C W 20 dager siden
TEEJ proving how humble and down to earth we all know him for🙏🏻🙏🏻
Class A_818
Class A_818 20 dager siden
Such an Epic surprise! i would have been super excited, being that i've never met tj before.
Acid 22 dager siden
he did NOT want to look at Tj in the car lmao. The nervessss lol
Andrew Wenman
Andrew Wenman 25 dager siden
That’s amazing TJ! You are the man for hooking up a subscriber! It’s a great surprise and love that your still down to earth to reach out to people like this. Keep it up bro🙌🏻
Yo Fresh
Yo Fresh 26 dager siden
This car is the best sounding thing on the road HANDS DOWN!
John Mendoza
John Mendoza 26 dager siden
Trek looks like he ready to have a kid 😄,
Shane_Matthew 26 dager siden
So cool! This kid looks like Ansel! haha
John Wootton
John Wootton 27 dager siden
Trying so hard to keep it back lol😂😂
I am Mitch
I am Mitch 27 dager siden
Give him a full time job at detailing cars also training him up on the job you do within the garage :)
Amanda Rae Jean
Amanda Rae Jean 27 dager siden
Thats awesome. Love this ❤
Trevor Leonard
Trevor Leonard 27 dager siden
Much respect for you making time in your day for the young fella. Super cool thing to do for someone!!! Guarantee he will never stop repping Hunt co.
Kade Dalton
Kade Dalton 27 dager siden
Bro hook me up too! I’m tryna meet you😭 I live in Temecula I’m not even far 😭😭😭
Boston Waldhoff
Boston Waldhoff 27 dager siden
Lol tj looked more happy driving his car then he did
Skaro Beats
Skaro Beats 27 dager siden
Thomas Gratton
Thomas Gratton 27 dager siden
Hire him to wash your cars!!!!!
Fastyfire 27 dager siden
This is literally watching my dream. The FD, the merch, the detailing. That’s heaven
Ivory-Paul Payne
Ivory-Paul Payne 27 dager siden
No Masks, No Distancing. Great Example, Real Smart Guys.
Aidan Schmidt
Aidan Schmidt 27 dager siden
He got a brand new mclaren
gamercs21 27 dager siden
Hey, really love that you took the time to make this guys day. Relaly nice of you, and it's great that you give back to your fans. Keep moving forward
Darrin Brown
Darrin Brown 28 dager siden
that’s the Canadian in him 😂🇨🇦 you should have 2 stepped a little while drive away!
Smita 28 dager siden
How high doid rev to? Or should I ask, how high did it rotate the dorito to?
Travisimo 28 dager siden
tried to use your mvmt code, said it was invalid.. :(
camsfrost 28 dager siden
The guy was literally not even surprised tj was there. Does things like this just happen for this guy left and right ?
_riverlyfe_ 28 dager siden
I never comment, but long time watcher. You two are incredible for this. ❤️❤️❤️
s u
s u 28 dager siden
such a wholesome thing to do
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 28 dager siden
Coño!!! Teej... you are the man
Dan Hanson
Dan Hanson 28 dager siden
I remember meeting you in OC Maryland, I was nervous as fuck and you were super cool and nice. Even though I was tongue tied you still carried a convo with me to make it more comfortable. Love seeing people who are genuine and care about the fans!
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins 28 dager siden
Merry christmas from the uk.
Charlie Duffy
Charlie Duffy 28 dager siden
your tuner is garbage!!! terrible
C Johnson
C Johnson 28 dager siden
Honestly what a supper mom...we all need mom's that care that much and are involved in their child's lives at this level, making a difference! Mad respect to all the super MOM's!
Mihir Bharti
Mihir Bharti 28 dager siden
God : tj hunt! You received respect!
Black Storm
Black Storm 28 dager siden
we got a brand new huracan
ViiRaL KinetiicZ
ViiRaL KinetiicZ 28 dager siden
This guy is living every mans dream. But good shit teej im glad to see you sharing the love th the fans, thats why we love you and watch you every video drop
Quin Kobeski
Quin Kobeski 28 dager siden
All I gotta say is why, just why, is my guy on his phone while he is being driven in TJ Hunts FD. How tf do you look at your phone while being driven in such a car.
Rose RamireZ
Rose RamireZ 28 dager siden
Sabrina likes him 😭
Loving the Fast life
Loving the Fast life 28 dager siden
looks like he could be ur son !!!!!!!
Trace Trautman
Trace Trautman 28 dager siden
love this entire vid so happy to see thissssss kid just lived the dream for a bit
Autonut 28 dager siden
I would be so scared to ride in a car with somebody that doesn’t keep both hands on the wheel. Why are you holding onto the shifter bro?
Kyle Viers
Kyle Viers 28 dager siden
Thats awesome bro! I wish I lived near you, I'd love to run into you and see one off your vehicles at least.
Zack Roose
Zack Roose 28 dager siden
Dude really just said that there was a catch after saying he sold the Venti, guarantee he’s got another one. Well done
Brendan Hayes
Brendan Hayes 28 dager siden
If he’s a homie hill tell us what the new car is
YouTuber Baylee Xiong
YouTuber Baylee Xiong 28 dager siden
Man that Rotary sounds delicious
Jordan M
Jordan M 28 dager siden
Hire that kid to detail your fleet🤷‍♂️
Evil Beaver
Evil Beaver 28 dager siden
We waiting boo !!!
Mr clean
Mr clean 28 dager siden
Hmmmmmmm hints about a new car instead of the aventador
KCars 28 dager siden
Seemed like a cool guy, glad you guys got to give him this experience!
Adrian Stance
Adrian Stance 28 dager siden
Hi TJ Hunt, my fiancé is a HUGE fan of yours and have been for about 6 years! We’re getting married in May of 2021, and it would mean a lot to him if you could write him a letter congratulating him or a gift of some sort. Don’t tell him, but this would be a surprise gift for him and can inspire him a ton. He’s been inspired by your story and videos since you got on NOpost, and I know it could warm his heart if you could surprise him. He’s a huge car enthusiast and would truly appreciate it. Thanks TJ- his fiancé Zolena
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 28 dager siden
aww😢 i hope he sees this!!!
Dennis 29 dager siden
He want to look like a badass on cam hahah
Alex Emrick
Alex Emrick 29 dager siden
Bro my dogs so the same thing
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez 29 dager siden
Great video!
Mr. Guzman
Mr. Guzman 29 dager siden
Tj what happened with the Rx7 GT3 RS style fenders. Like for him to see it please! 🇵🇷
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 29 dager siden
2:59 BLUUUUUUU! I wish all car enthusiasts were this cool sadly here in Maryland nothing but racist and Homophobes. I fucking love TJ bro.
Jake Dagan
Jake Dagan 29 dager siden
that jeep at 5:12 is rlly nice😳😳😳
Boston Bmx
Boston Bmx 29 dager siden
Kid could have been a little happier
OOPSyourASS Yt 29 dager siden
What the hell is that honking sound
Andres Olvera
Andres Olvera 29 dager siden
Definitely like seeing this more often!
Yae Matsuki
Yae Matsuki 29 dager siden
Petition to change it from Teej to Thaddy. As in daddy but thaddy.
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 28 dager siden
adam theiss
adam theiss 29 dager siden
Anyone else notice he spoiled the sv?
pablo soro
pablo soro 29 dager siden
Bro I litteraly work down the street in that gated community and I saw tj driving down but didn’t realize it was actually him
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 28 dager siden
HoKagayz 29 dager siden
Would be awesome to experience this kind of ride along. Eargasm to the turbos and rotary.
Maagnuz 29 dager siden
Can you give me a car? I’m from Mexico and I need it to go the university, my family don’t have money, a cheap car and bad at paint it’s good, I only need go to school and then to my house 🥺
Chris Watson
Chris Watson 29 dager siden
Respect ..... good on you guys i bet that made his day ....keep it up
William Levy
William Levy 29 dager siden
That was great! Kid seemed so in his head trying to be chill, sure he was freaking out. That was rad merry Christmas to you Sabrina and the hunt and co fam
Isabell Medina
Isabell Medina 29 dager siden
can you do this for my boyfriend he loves you he’s been watching you for years
Jake 29 dager siden
Teej, change the video description, it still says 458
Taylor Martin
Taylor Martin 29 dager siden
This is Awsome 🔥!!!!!
AX2 29 dager siden
Doing things like this is what keeps you humble and will always have the support of the fans Great Job Tjuice
DJDilemma1 29 dager siden
Taking covid seriously. What a legend.
scott hartgrove
scott hartgrove 29 dager siden
that was such an kind thing to do TJ
Efren jose
Efren jose 29 dager siden
Yo tj is the coolest car guy ever no cap
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 28 dager siden
Damian Garcia
Damian Garcia 29 dager siden
Looks like TJ enjoyed the pulls more then him 😂😂
20bfd3sizzle 29 dager siden
My 20b fd makes me smile like that ..think it’s time for a cd009 so he can turn the boost back the videos
FREEDOM 1776 29 dager siden
Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 ❤ 🎅 🎅 🎅 🎄 🎄 🎄
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 28 dager siden
merry christmas!🎄
Didzis Bilinskis
Didzis Bilinskis 29 dager siden
He doesnt look that excited😂
Popeye .45
Popeye .45 29 dager siden
Congrats on the SVJ TJ
Zachary Nevarez
Zachary Nevarez 29 dager siden
Hmm im Mr. Nevarez, ive met teej, but ive never taught him anything lmao
Dan Cox Daily
Dan Cox Daily 29 dager siden
I've always envisioned Santas sleigh being a rx7 . We need to get Sabrinas pops a r8!
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 28 dager siden
Horsepower Labs
Horsepower Labs 29 dager siden
Since TJ got the dark grey SVJ, imagine the guys face seeing it roll up.. This is what it’s about, filling people with joy
DynMao Productions
DynMao Productions 29 dager siden
After the kid said he sold the aventador, tj said I’ll have to bleep this but we got a new- and cut it off. New car coming to the channel????
Michael Day
Michael Day 29 dager siden
Love seeing videos like this tj just shows how kinda and awesome of a guy you are love watching your vids man you and Sabrina are killin it merry christmas!!!
Jay Mik
Jay Mik 29 dager siden
TJ I love the way you give people to what they want. You always make your viewers happy we love you from the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😘. Please help me finish my dream bike. I am update and subscribe to all your social media.
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 28 dager siden
christian cobo ramirez
christian cobo ramirez 29 dager siden
I leave cars looking like glass broo!!!
zer0__gravitea 29 dager siden
I am so glad we got to see The RX7 again .
riverfront01! 29 dager siden
shout out to jack's dad for such a beautiful wife........ js 😊🤷‍♂️
supreme 29 dager siden
Guy just chillin with Tj. I would die if i ever met Tj!!
callum littlewood
callum littlewood 29 dager siden
Me just waiting to vibe for 20 seconds to that outro song.
JDM DAISUKI 29 dager siden
My absolute dream car built in the best way
Alex Ayala
Alex Ayala 29 dager siden
Who gets tickets by the neighborhood security?? I call BS.
COSIK Slicq 29 dager siden
Is it just me or does he look baby driver
Kagiso Khoza
Kagiso Khoza 29 dager siden
Got a brand new Huracan 🙃
CustomPcGamer 29 dager siden
You need to go back with the fastest car, the lad didn't look terrified at all 🙄
JB MEDIA 29 dager siden
Get him more in the vlogs, let him help you in the shop
Boydwright 29 dager siden
this is the vlogmas spirit
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans 29 dager siden
Thats such an awesome thing to do. Just shows how humble teej is. Well done to Sabrina for sorting it to.
Husker 29 dager siden
the grin on tj's face when pulling the rx7 looks so happy xD
It’s me, Darrick
It’s me, Darrick 29 dager siden
You two are so awesome! Happy Holidays!
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 28 dager siden
V1P4G0D 29 dager siden
Thought he gave away the rx7 lmao
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