My Neighbors Accused me of being a Dr*g Dealer...

  Ganger 442,404

Tj Hunt

4 måneder siden

My neighbors are a little suspicious of all the cars coming home recently...
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htttps' Måned siden
h0w much f0r the p0und?
Joel Kalsi
Joel Kalsi Måned siden
The hardest thing is to become passionate and have a dream.
tyler238 2 måneder siden
Tell em to mind his bidness lol
ethan wood
ethan wood 2 måneder siden
damn the insurance bill must be high for all that
J T 2 måneder siden
lol who self-sensors the word "drug"
cox mox
cox mox 2 måneder siden
Is german " engineering" unreliable shit car manufactured
KRSever Patino
KRSever Patino 3 måneder siden
Neighbors think you selling dope?
Fernando VILLARREAL 3 måneder siden
Dear TJ there is a H in Huracan... Please pronounce Huracan not Uracan... White callipers... Hmmmm nope.
Levi Olson
Levi Olson 3 måneder siden
Idk if you fixed the rattling in the R8 or not but when my audi did that it was because the clips that hold the brake pads tight fell out. They would rattle going over bumps.
K1ll3R 3 måneder siden
why did i think it meant drag dealer for abit
Edgard Collazo
Edgard Collazo 3 måneder siden
Bro I needed this!
Tofuu YAYA
Tofuu YAYA 3 måneder siden
you know you're successful when your neighbors are trying to figure out what you do for a living.
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese 2 måneder siden
very true
Sk Cars
Sk Cars 3 måneder siden
Who thinks there should be a car meet in this parking garage
Berserk 3 måneder siden
I had a car with overheating problems once and would take the cap off sometimes while running, I'd say 19/20 times it was fine. That 20th time it squirted out all over the place, luckily I used an old sweatshirt to cover the entire cap. I did get some on my arm but was not burned. Just mentioning this to sway you from opening the cap after it's been warm.
Daniel Dimitrov
Daniel Dimitrov 3 måneder siden
How do your neighbors not know who and what you do?
CALOY TV 3 måneder siden
Damn. Same accusations were made about me. I feel you tj. They dont even realize how hard i work to have all of my cars.
Hillary Rabanes
Hillary Rabanes 3 måneder siden
Nils_ H.e
Nils_ H.e 3 måneder siden
Bro in this video is more add than on 10 viedeos
TKH ERIC 3 måneder siden
I wish i was a drug dealer like tj
Sunjid Rahman
Sunjid Rahman 3 måneder siden
The neighbour thinks i am gonna stole her Daughter
Yaliema Kickass
Yaliema Kickass 3 måneder siden
Remeber put It in freezer
Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez 3 måneder siden
Sorry tj. I meant Sabrina as the prayers. God bless u n her. Im nobody, im just a dreamer
Wipeout 4 måneder siden
You wouldn’t be where you at if it wasn’t for “ that dude in blue “ to help give you the push with his followers. And don’t forget your Boston ppl who made it hyped for you.
Hashh B
Hashh B 4 måneder siden
Just get 3 more super cars and call yourself vehicle virgin 🤣
Wyatt Caram
Wyatt Caram 4 måneder siden
Check your END LINKS!!!! VW AUDI PROBLEM🙏🏼 hope to help
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
Dude the R8 is my favourite car, so sexy!
Matt L.
Matt L. 4 måneder siden
Where's that parking structure? I live in San Diego would love to check it out.
GtClouds *
GtClouds * 4 måneder siden
xNightProwlx 4 måneder siden
who else has been subscribed before 100k subs?
Uri Flores
Uri Flores 4 måneder siden
Calvin is a piece of 💩!!!!!!
Majesticc 4 måneder siden
my neighbors think im a drug dealer too lmao
A Armstrong
A Armstrong 4 måneder siden
It is a womans world, you better make her happy or prenup..
A Armstrong
A Armstrong 4 måneder siden
She's only with you for?????$ If it dosen't work out, she will sue you and take her clothes off and be better off while you are living with mom....
Walter FJK
Walter FJK 4 måneder siden
Always love the inspirational talks TJ does at the end sharing where he came from to where he has established himself on youtube and how it's possible if you work your ass off for those of us who are hungry to one day get to where he is. 👏👏
Jayden 4 måneder siden
tj bring all your cars home that will set neighbours off
Ryan Gorges
Ryan Gorges 4 måneder siden
Still waiting for a matrix build🙄😂😂
Ricky Rodriguez
Ricky Rodriguez 4 måneder siden
Lmao yea ok buddy!!!! Daddy’s money is wat it is!!
Tou Yang888
Tou Yang888 4 måneder siden
GIVE KALVIN THE CARRRRRRRR TJ!!!! He welll enjoy the exotic car life😎
cactuss jackk
cactuss jackk 4 måneder siden
Tj do be trapping though
Otis Sifuentes
Otis Sifuentes 4 måneder siden
I love the bloopers
Nia Morris
Nia Morris 4 måneder siden
The Nissan GT-R behind him is like 👁👄👁
el pollo
el pollo 4 måneder siden
my sister doesn't like that you use a straw for a sip top on your starbucks orders claiming that you are a turtle killer and she told me to copy and paste this in every video so here we go. She promised me she'll buy me merch untill this gets noticed
Nic Carnazzo
Nic Carnazzo 4 måneder siden
To be fair, he never denied it.
Franko G.Millán
Franko G.Millán 4 måneder siden
ya wish ya was confused by drug dealers LMAO this the best one yet
dario Munoz
dario Munoz 4 måneder siden
man just cuz you got a super car or what ever doesnt mean you gotta change your whole yt style i think i speak for many when i say we enjoy your content a lot... also i cant even afford that $5k bike in your garage lol
AndyMercs 4 måneder siden
Seeing you live like this makes me hella motivated, i wish i could work that hard and have enought money for bills and cars to work on
Colin Doucette
Colin Doucette 4 måneder siden
Damn TJ I better be one of those 4 that stay till the very end bro! Always do and always will! You're one person I look up to so much. Hearing your say keep moving forward has to be through some times man.
Beau Davis
Beau Davis 4 måneder siden
Our boi Calvin and that hairline doe
Beau Davis
Beau Davis 2 måneder siden
@BiG Cheese boy got a two hand head
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese 2 måneder siden
lol that shit receding hella fast
Hayden Hall
Hayden Hall 4 måneder siden
From NOpostr to drug dealer to king pin. Just wait
TJR6 4 måneder siden
Carlos Balderas
Carlos Balderas 4 måneder siden
Tj you should take all of your cars to the parking garage at the same time.
kempie12withdeadking 4 måneder siden
Where is the c8 at
Joshua Dugger
Joshua Dugger 4 måneder siden
You are way more and better then stradman just my opinion
Christopher Currie
Christopher Currie 4 måneder siden
Hey lads, chris hear just thought id let you know... its never a good idea to put coolant into a car that's been running at running temperature straight away.... unless... you want to run the risk of cracking your heads... just saying... you should let it cool down or leave it running. And be careful that shit HOT! PEACE OUT MATE.
King V.I.P. Sauvage Legend
King V.I.P. Sauvage Legend 4 måneder siden
Good to be a drug dealer cuz I am one of them and still got sports cars that all my families has is we work just for the money and sleep eat in fast cars
Kman 199
Kman 199 4 måneder siden
Mario Manzo
Mario Manzo 4 måneder siden
The parking garage hit different
Damir Selimovic
Damir Selimovic 4 måneder siden
It’s not a eracan it’s a hurcan
GamingHabit 4 måneder siden
That's why you don't live near Karens
Damian Vandish
Damian Vandish 4 måneder siden
Too many cars huh? Sell me the RX7 👍👍
Brian Sowers
Brian Sowers 4 måneder siden
Paint the fender sides of the hood and leave the center triangle bare carbon.
Logan Scott
Logan Scott 4 måneder siden
Check to see if the fender liner is intact and not slapping against the car
funky tofu
funky tofu 4 måneder siden
Why he gotta mention the 458 though?
Abel Hdhs
Abel Hdhs 4 måneder siden
Yea I’m pretty sure tj sold the RX-7 😂
That’s Crazy
That’s Crazy 4 måneder siden
Are you just going to ignore that beautiful rx8 in the back.... 7:48
Oshiromu 4 måneder siden
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 4 måneder siden
Mentions bloopers and then doesn't include any......Sus
Enrique Palomares
Enrique Palomares 4 måneder siden
A RIP off of freshkick lol An or a generic version lmfaoo Don't @ your daddy I'm busy
John Lukach
John Lukach 4 måneder siden
Gotta love audi reliability and build quality rattling already
Jimmy Dukes
Jimmy Dukes 4 måneder siden
No one: Literally no one in the entire world: TJ: Uracan
Alex D
Alex D 4 måneder siden
The name of the car is a Spanish word. H in spanish is silent.
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 4 måneder siden
JaredSVX 4 måneder siden
TJ the coke dealer
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 4 måneder siden
Austin Neel
Austin Neel 4 måneder siden
I cant even sell any car i built in a game why in real life 😂😭
King James
King James 4 måneder siden
he sells monsters out the macan trunk 😂
Jared Teasdale
Jared Teasdale 4 måneder siden
Was wondering when Teej was gonna take us back to the OG parking garage in that certain parking spot 👌👌
Devin Smith
Devin Smith 4 måneder siden
Could it be the splitter making noise If i remember correctly it was only held on with 4 bolts 2 on each side and nothing in the middle
X SinclairX
X SinclairX 4 måneder siden
R8 does look like a drug lords car tho...
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 4 måneder siden
Kyle 19
Kyle 19 4 måneder siden
Anyone know his photoshoot parking location
Calvin baldwin
Calvin baldwin 4 måneder siden
Lol thug life 🤣.
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 4 måneder siden
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 4 måneder siden
Hey tj when the camping and dirt bike riding trip
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 4 måneder siden
Who else misses the old outro song
Caetano Yuyama
Caetano Yuyama 4 måneder siden
DUde, that rx-8 was clean that drove by when you were on the roof.
Kinguli16 4 måneder siden
Lol Matrix With Carbon Hood 😂
Justin Heise
Justin Heise 4 måneder siden
Keep moving forward TJ!
Ray 4 måneder siden
My neighbors think I own a dealership. Lol
Shawn Akumalla
Shawn Akumalla 4 måneder siden
wide body the r8
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 4 måneder siden
z32 Kev
z32 Kev 4 måneder siden
man that 7:13 really got me.. been so long since i started watching you cant believe how far you got. Congrats
Geronimo de Los Cielos
Geronimo de Los Cielos 4 måneder siden
Inspired by You & Your Crew, TJ!!! Thank You & Keep Calling Calvin... "Mijo!!!"
Luiz Burgos
Luiz Burgos 4 måneder siden
Im glad Im part of the four people
Og_LaceUp 4 måneder siden
so glad to see home brother!!!!!!!!
Random Rivas5
Random Rivas5 4 måneder siden
The Porsche needs wheels ASAP
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 4 måneder siden
MentallyRetired 4 måneder siden
Been here from the start, TJ. Congrats on all the success. -- Jimmy from CarNinja
Vickash Ramlall
Vickash Ramlall 4 måneder siden
Can we see the Corvette
Silentnightz04 4 måneder siden
Hahaha neighborhood just being jealous
randomocityvideos 4 måneder siden
I got exactly two letters for what to do with the R8: VF
Jesse Garza
Jesse Garza 4 måneder siden
Hey you better make that 5 people that want the bloopers!!
Chichobello 4 måneder siden
F*@k those neighbors, you deserve everything that you have TJ. Sometimes it's hard for people to realize the ways that someone can be successful and if they are not thinking in different perspectives they might be completely lost. Greeting from Panama City much love. Watching you're channel since 2016...
Aaron Helms
Aaron Helms 4 måneder siden
No1w you need a Hypercar.... just sayin
Orth James
Orth James 4 måneder siden
Leave the carbon on the hood
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 4 måneder siden
4 people? Mf we WANT DAILY UPLOADS!!
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 4 måneder siden
Live the life TJ own who you are 😎
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 4 måneder siden
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