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4 måneder siden

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Josue Sanitize your
Josue Sanitize your 3 måneder siden
Wait did TJ finally get an editor ? Cus this just looks different
BÀŚÌM Badhuruddeen
BÀŚÌM Badhuruddeen 3 måneder siden
SAM JOHNSON 3 måneder siden
Best drifting video to date! It was refreshing not listening to your passenger scream his head off
Jack Samora
Jack Samora 4 måneder siden
Xavier wolf used one of ur drifting scenes from this vid on ig
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
Just subbed to e_ought I’ve seen his channel come up everywhere!
biro24 4 måneder siden
Richard Elias
Richard Elias 4 måneder siden
e_ought the goat
HyKing 4 måneder siden
370 is like skate shoe. Every time you damage it it give her more character
Michael Mazzoni
Michael Mazzoni 4 måneder siden
Why is TJ so obsessed with hitting other people's cars?
Alex Nava
Alex Nava 4 måneder siden
Shoutout to cameron for the camerawork!!
Daniel Carrillo
Daniel Carrillo 4 måneder siden
New wrap on 350?!?!?!
CitySlackaECAF 4 måneder siden
You drifting looking into the cam at like 1:50 is a crazy shot. Should be your profile pic.
St Peter Photography and Video
St Peter Photography and Video 4 måneder siden
Sick video the cinematography of some of the footage is 🔥 like the slow down shots of you all three coming through 🔥🔥🔥 When are you gonna competing in FD?🤘 You should
rj adragel
rj adragel 4 måneder siden
E_ought will be bigger than this guy.
my friend
my friend 4 måneder siden
Teej relax on hitting peoples cars😂
Capacheskulls 4 måneder siden
“Idk where dan left, I just lost him” -TJ Hunt
Capacheskulls 4 måneder siden
Those drifting clips are porn !!!!!!
Ryan Hooper
Ryan Hooper 4 måneder siden
Anyone else watch TJ’s videos and picture a young Travis Pastrana?? Same cool as fuck dude, super humble super positive ect?
Colin Doucette
Colin Doucette 4 måneder siden
Getting home aafter 12 HR shift smoking a bowl and watching TJ Hunt is what I look forward too every evening!!
USPATRIOT99 4 måneder siden
Its a miracle you all haven't gotten COVID doing these meets for racing.
Lawrence Gee
Lawrence Gee 4 måneder siden
That bumper is similar to how I feel when im hanging in there for the weekend. 🤣🤣
Zerexy 4 måneder siden
would of loved to see an euoght x tj video
matthew wills
matthew wills 4 måneder siden
Can we al just appreciate how sick this editing is 😝😝awesome job TJ
Kethan 64
Kethan 64 4 måneder siden
tj's bumper mid way through: ight imma head out
John Willett
John Willett 4 måneder siden
Those days just got numbered. California governor signs executive order to ban gas-powered cars and trucks. 14.5 years and counting.
monkey wrench
monkey wrench 4 måneder siden
Evos are red subies are blue Japanese cars go braaaap stustustu
Abraham X
Abraham X 4 måneder siden
Serious question. Do people actually get mad when you give them a tap or is it all fun n games? I know I wouldn’t be mad cuz that’s just part of the sport
G ecos
G ecos 4 måneder siden
How's sabrina😅
Itzaustiin 4 måneder siden
Bumper delete bc weight savings
Vishak Pillai
Vishak Pillai 4 måneder siden
Tjee all of the edits was amazing
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 4 måneder siden
My man's Tj keeping up with the big dogs there we go. 13:26 I watched this clip over 20 times. I'm trying to figure out. WHAT IS SO DAMN FUNNY?!
Ronndell Matanguihan
Ronndell Matanguihan 4 måneder siden
tj the 370z needs some livery. so it'll look way more cool sliding
Loski Tube
Loski Tube 4 måneder siden
Tj you’re killing it!! You look so comfortable with the car, beasting!
LilBillyChilly 4 måneder siden
First few secs remind me of Nipsey Hussle RIP to the GOAT
Steve Shikadance
Steve Shikadance 4 måneder siden
Only here after seeing e_ought IG post hahaha
Jovenell Moly
Jovenell Moly 4 måneder siden
Damn tjjj you whipping that thang
Jordan Momeno
Jordan Momeno 4 måneder siden
you need to cage this thing teej !
Jordan Payne
Jordan Payne 4 måneder siden
These drifting videos are just bananas dude like Jesus
Eli Williamson
Eli Williamson 4 måneder siden
Teej hire a full time videographer plz
Ezra nicholas
Ezra nicholas 4 måneder siden
I like the regular vids but this style was real cool bro
FROSTTwoLT 4 måneder siden
Bro how you chained them together after the pin turn 👌🏾👌🏾
SoCal Car Garage
SoCal Car Garage 4 måneder siden
Sometimes u make it feel like I’m literally there lol . Great content man I’m local , I’ll see you around soon . Been subscribin since your bmw days haha
Juan Briones
Juan Briones 4 måneder siden
E_ought is an og
desuwu 4 måneder siden
remember the first few times tj drifted this track with the 350... now look at him... poggers
Sil 80
Sil 80 4 måneder siden
Tj forsure looks like the long faced phineas and ferb bro
killingdj7 4 måneder siden
Ahh, well I see your racing sim has definitely caught some hours already 😂 I think I smiled the entire video lol Good job teeej!
Bryan Joseph Caray
Bryan Joseph Caray 4 måneder siden
its time to give some cosmetic love on that z . she deserves it
Devin Scates
Devin Scates 4 måneder siden
I’ve seen like 2 of those cars at fd
Angel Gamino
Angel Gamino 4 måneder siden
Tj Sold the c8
2012ridley 4 måneder siden
When's the next update on the c8 Corvette?
iisxmplymiilk 4 måneder siden
The guy that he snuck hands with and got a photo that’s my uncle his names Michale and that’s his girlfriend named Jasmine I know them not lies
Xel 4 måneder siden
I felt like I was playing asetto corsa watching this, you're almost at 2mil TEJ !
Nathan Hidalgo
Nathan Hidalgo 4 måneder siden
NOS livery coming soon
Jorge Lopez Beneitez
Jorge Lopez Beneitez 4 måneder siden
One of the sickest video in many time. Congrats from Spain. 👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥🔥
Phantix 4 måneder siden
i just think that bumping him that much is to much
Mackdaddy Zaid
Mackdaddy Zaid 4 måneder siden
@e_ought 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥@e_ought
trist moren
trist moren 4 måneder siden
When’s the duramax getting deleted?
Chris Yarzab
Chris Yarzab 4 måneder siden
At least put stickers on your beat up Z so there is an excuse for that eye sore.
メリルmerricks 4 måneder siden
Nightz 4 måneder siden
You are getting better so quick! it is fun to see how you improve every time you are at a track and it is very interesting to see what you change or not . very good vid !
Junior Cruz
Junior Cruz 4 måneder siden
You should make dirtbike videos
scruffy 4 måneder siden
This is too good, Tj is going to have a car like Alexi used to have. Just name it the "beer can", put a knock off bud light logo on the side and it'll be mint brother.
Kj Shade
Kj Shade 4 måneder siden
My boy out here dragging ass 😂
26Macdylan 4 måneder siden
Where wulf at? 😂 Sick vid!
Isai Bocanegra
Isai Bocanegra 4 måneder siden
Does tee even know the goat Xavier?
universe mouse
universe mouse 4 måneder siden
Would be dope to see some following drone shots if possible!
RCC 4 måneder siden
What is the song called at 11:50 ?
It's Manny
It's Manny 4 måneder siden
Ahmed Moosaji
Ahmed Moosaji 4 måneder siden
What happened to the 350z
Jamarni Murphy
Jamarni Murphy 4 måneder siden
imagine hey spent hours learning putting ideas together figuring out how to create the lovel 370z for the day to come where some guy named Tj hunt to put it in the door of a suopwa... sounds pretty cool to me
Dillon ßlank
Dillon ßlank 4 måneder siden
Casually states “ Sean’s wrapping my 350” like it isn’t bout to be insane
AJ Lu 4 måneder siden
I don’t know why but I only see your uploads 20hrs after even if I have the notification bell on 😂🤔
Mr ClapNdemCheeks
Mr ClapNdemCheeks 4 måneder siden
Hella progress since last year bud. That throttle confidence though!!!
Laltluangkima Tluanga
Laltluangkima Tluanga 4 måneder siden
When you try to get near there door don't entry near there front tyres do from there back tyre and power straight to there door keep moving forward
Stanton Shakespeare
Stanton Shakespeare 4 måneder siden
Ok... But will it get rid of my crayons smell in my MK4 JETTA...🥺
Caleb Kilgore
Caleb Kilgore 4 måneder siden
LOVED the 'in car' and quiet to panning to Rad Dan and that LOUD Supra! Sick edit! Loved the video.
Laltluangkima Tluanga
Laltluangkima Tluanga 4 måneder siden
I can see your improvement on your transition and corner speed do more and more track day
Visionary Dreamz
Visionary Dreamz 4 måneder siden
Tj: Shawn is driving my 350 Also tj: but you can’t know what it is yet 😂
RuiGonçalves78 4 måneder siden
Wraping not driving 🤣
CHEWDUBE AutoMotiveTM 4 måneder siden
Lucas Scott
Lucas Scott 4 måneder siden
Should shred tires in the Freedom Factory!!
Jacob Blackwell
Jacob Blackwell 4 måneder siden
No love for Swampass there the end lol
Mavco /
Mavco / 4 måneder siden
Wow that car Scream so loud
JukeFie 4 måneder siden
POV: of my life 4:02
Griffin Bryson
Griffin Bryson 4 måneder siden
Best shots in the game!
Senshi Productions
Senshi Productions 4 måneder siden
xavier wulf just gone be chilling in this mans passenger seat haha
Senshi Productions
Senshi Productions 4 måneder siden
shout out e_ought haha the goat
Matt Locandro
Matt Locandro 4 måneder siden
shotgun mic is 🤢🤢
DJ HK 4 måneder siden
Man look how far you've come in the last at least5 years I was watching your keep moving forward and mom as well as the bad sponsor video just wanted to say heart goes out to you for looking after your mom and keeping your head up and providing the entertainment. Your nearly at 2* million subs I'm so glad you didn't listen to the haters let them be jealous they can F off
Tom Marshall
Tom Marshall 4 måneder siden
Big congrats teeg just shows the improvement you’ve made if rad Dan classes you as a practise partner
Myluckydaniel 4 måneder siden
The camera angles are fire
Nathaniel Henry
Nathaniel Henry 4 måneder siden
Tj only purpose in life is to hit all his friends cars. Who doesn't know e_ought
Nevan Cantrell
Nevan Cantrell 4 måneder siden
Good shit teeg driving is getting a lot better keep It up
Klutch_ 182
Klutch_ 182 4 måneder siden
How do u not know e-ought?!😟😰 and exuse my profile pic 💀💀
Max Joyaux
Max Joyaux 4 måneder siden
Wait before I watch the video... was it really “sketchy” tj⁉️⁉️
Curly Top T.V.
Curly Top T.V. 4 måneder siden
Dope edit for this video. Good vibes
jamarri sanders
jamarri sanders 4 måneder siden
randy was there too
Neel Mistry
Neel Mistry 4 måneder siden
As one of the 6 people that stays for the bloopers I demand them back
jj.0614 4 måneder siden
Jack Beeps
Jack Beeps 4 måneder siden
Literally used one of these air fresheners the other day and they're fantastic
Marco Lim
Marco Lim 4 måneder siden
Teej looking like the Stig with that helmet. The STeej.
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