Turning a $5000 BMW 335i into a $50,000 BMW!

  Ganger 479,732

Tj Hunt

3 måneder siden

Time to transform Kevin's car into a tire slayer! But first, we need parts!
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

AldenG 2 dager siden
Personally like the 135is way more but this things rad
Brandon Ramsey
Brandon Ramsey Måned siden
My 335i spec is alpine white with the red leather and I love it.
Stev A
Stev A Måned siden
As soon as you started vlogging with a mask on, I was out...
Thiccish e90
Thiccish e90 Måned siden
I mean for the same amount of money as the go pro light if not even cheaper you could just get a pro meister light actually made for working on cars..
Greimr XIII
Greimr XIII Måned siden
Whaaaaaaaat! 😲
narato uzumaki
narato uzumaki Måned siden
Finally an interesting car that not everyone on NOpost has already done
Starting Tech
Starting Tech Måned siden
just bought a 2007 bmw 335i loaded heated seats, nav , paddle shifters just need to sort a sensor with a coolant reservoir and im set hopefully. cant wait got it for 5k too
Jared Collins
Jared Collins 2 måneder siden
where is the update!?
Nabil Ali
Nabil Ali 2 måneder siden
U need a 240 or a track s15
Jason Cheatham
Jason Cheatham 2 måneder siden
Amateur detailer you got working on that car what a shame ever need details done right I’ll come down from Oregon and you might be impressed
El Piojo
El Piojo 2 måneder siden
This nigga hit up straight six 😂
Midas 2 måneder siden
god damn y’all building my car :)
Kai Baumgartner
Kai Baumgartner 2 måneder siden
So they should have parts for a Supra then too, right 😁
Roachbowl 2 måneder siden
*dream spec* but it’s pre lci
SIMON PEIRIS 2 måneder siden
That m6 is built by Troy! M5-6 king!!
Jair Ceja
Jair Ceja 2 måneder siden
I haven’t watched you in months and watching you’re videos makes me want to watch you again, brings back memories
DXRHAT 2 måneder siden
My dreamcar😍💎
Stev A
Stev A 2 måneder siden
As soon as I saw you speaking in a mask, I took a moment to write this, and then left... Think before you make a video.
JEANIUS FILMS 2 måneder siden
$5k for that Beamer? DAMN! Where can I find one... lol
The Car Dudes
The Car Dudes 2 måneder siden
i was looking at buying this fucking car. it was for sale for 8000🤦🏻‍♂️
Pale_Horseman335is 2 måneder siden
I recently bought an alpine white 2013 335is coupe DCT with 32k miles and can’t wait to see where this build goes. I’m currently building mine. I’ve reached FBO already but still need a few more parts and waiting for stock turbos to blow before upgrading.
Matrix Cloud
Matrix Cloud 2 måneder siden
The black bumper looks a lot better and the fix is super easy
Michael Andersen
Michael Andersen 2 måneder siden
How are you gonna turn it onto an i8, i dont get it?
Wan Ridzwan
Wan Ridzwan 2 måneder siden
This is awesome
kevintradingfx 2 måneder siden
Fking love this video and 335’s 😁
The21stSense 2 måneder siden
of course a slavic guy owns the bmw place lol
Rydnorth 2 måneder siden
TJ for sure misses his BMW, OGs will know
Jordan James
Jordan James 2 måneder siden
why not at least a 550i?
TheMK 3 måneder siden
LCI tails, not direct swap you will need footwell module.
ST313 3 måneder siden
Too much talking
Vinny Ward
Vinny Ward 3 måneder siden
This is not anywhere near a $50,000 bmw even after you do all your performance and aethstetic upgrades to this thing if it made 650 horsepower you'd still only get $15,000 at the most
Nicolas Kolokotronis
Nicolas Kolokotronis 3 måneder siden
335i The Monster
Nick G
Nick G 3 måneder siden
RIP to the cheap 335i's now everyone and their grandmother is going to buy them and straight pipe them
River Harrell
River Harrell 3 måneder siden
This is the content we needed
Brandyn Shroyer
Brandyn Shroyer 3 måneder siden
Super excited for this series!
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 3 måneder siden
You should do a lowered truck build !!!!
Jason Walker
Jason Walker 3 måneder siden
So you basically just gave us the ultimate blueprint shop to build our BMW! Thanx TJ!
Reclaimer Auto
Reclaimer Auto 3 måneder siden
www.mazdaforum.com/forum/mazda-rx-7-33/joe-maddox-super-rare-1-100-1989-fc3s-gtus-rx7-2jz-gte-vvti-build-43602/ I have found and saved the rarest Mazda FC RX7 ever made!
Bryan Jude Fernandez
Bryan Jude Fernandez 3 måneder siden
yea or yknow, buy an m3 with that cost
Kevin Juarez
Kevin Juarez 3 måneder siden
When your dream spec in non M...
Cody DeLoye
Cody DeLoye 3 måneder siden
Im looking at getting between a 335i and 335is. Which one would you suggest?
Nikkoli Samonte
Nikkoli Samonte 3 måneder siden
"we start modding the car today"....gets the car polished.
Shawn Alston
Shawn Alston 3 måneder siden
I daily a 500whp N55 335i and I love it @N55_shawn
Brutus Lutus
Brutus Lutus 3 måneder siden
that m6 has a bore jeup 5.5 fuck
Darico Brown
Darico Brown 3 måneder siden
You should get the R8 Twin Turbocharged
ToiModzbabyTV 3 måneder siden
Check out my 1of1 80mm big turbo m54b30 e60
Kendell -
Kendell - 3 måneder siden
Those M6’s are dirt cheap because they share the same S85 V10 engine as the E60 M5. The E60 M5 is probably BMW’s least reliable car ever.
fd3s795 3 måneder siden
just get a avin unit and ditch the CIC
Jeremy Granados
Jeremy Granados 3 måneder siden
Shit is so clean!
Dj Mystery
Dj Mystery 3 måneder siden
The only thing BMW’s are good for are parts. They sell for so fucking cheap but parts are so damn expensive.
Render Yours
Render Yours 3 måneder siden
Buy the damn M6
Ahmed Kapadia
Ahmed Kapadia 3 måneder siden
does anyone have the link for the video where they flew out to buy the car? I can't find it
Scottland Mckinnon
Scottland Mckinnon 3 måneder siden
Back at it again all spending no bending , lmao what a joke not subbing and idk how u even got big , real car enthusiasts dont wanna see some rich kids just buy stuff
Adam Stoll
Adam Stoll 3 måneder siden
is TJ even a dodgers fan though?
enkei54 3 måneder siden
The heck is up with that LA hat, Teej?
CJ Hoover
CJ Hoover 3 måneder siden
Teej is sponsored by GoPro... he's officially made it. Also stoked to see you repping San Diego brands
CFA 3 måneder siden
Heck yeah. Loved this video !! 👍🏼🔥
Julio Bravo
Julio Bravo 3 måneder siden
Make this a car give away
Abstract Miata
Abstract Miata 3 måneder siden
Yeah I’ve done this before, might have been in GTA 5 but who cares
Connor Morrison
Connor Morrison 3 måneder siden
"Turning a GOOD video, into a TJ hunt video"
johnny aflak
johnny aflak 3 måneder siden
You should work the much that you talk
Ismael Izazaga
Ismael Izazaga 3 måneder siden
Definitely need part 2
j teg
j teg 3 måneder siden
Do this with an mr2
Zach Rossi
Zach Rossi 3 måneder siden
N54 builddddd!
Erick Ramirez
Erick Ramirez 3 måneder siden
Buy a bmw please!
335IBIMMERBOY Vlogs 3 måneder siden
what’s 50,000$ about it?
Jermaine Lee
Jermaine Lee 3 måneder siden
Single turbo...
SuburbVids 3 måneder siden
Did he copy the “keep moving forward” from meet the robinsons... 🥴 I completely cringe that he’s making that his line. Cuz I just think he copied it from the movie...
Austin Lyons
Austin Lyons 3 måneder siden
Don't need tint in SF
Behzod Nazaralizoda
Behzod Nazaralizoda 3 måneder siden
Ad on ad on ad
Grim the Grey
Grim the Grey 3 måneder siden
Why do all youtubers say 335i is 5k? The cheapest ones here are 10k, the cheapest 335is are 20k and 135i are 30k
Patrick Mason
Patrick Mason 3 måneder siden
TJ go to a pick and pull yard!
Jeep 3377
Jeep 3377 3 måneder siden
You should have just had Thomas detail the new bumper and whatever else you guys got
Khawer Ozi
Khawer Ozi 3 måneder siden
Whole vid was just a huge billboard for every place they went , i came back today after a year to his vid & this is what i got
James Abadilla
James Abadilla 3 måneder siden
Gotta fix that dent in the driver side door tho
Bobby Trailor
Bobby Trailor 3 måneder siden
Bobby Trailor
Bobby Trailor 3 måneder siden
bunk juj
Mick Dees
Mick Dees 3 måneder siden
Bro you should buy that BMW and flip it wtf in Australia here there like $50k second hand
Saimencelli 90
Saimencelli 90 3 måneder siden
Only e92 standing Next to a e93
Ben Y.
Ben Y. 3 måneder siden
that shit was not 5k
Ben Y.
Ben Y. 3 måneder siden
seanissomething 3 måneder siden
Get the MMP twin turbos! I know people go big single on these but they're so much better with upgraded twins.
Fernando Munoz
Fernando Munoz 3 måneder siden
Anyone know a place similar to this for Infiniti/Nissan?
It’s Styles
It’s Styles 3 måneder siden
That detail was on point
NolanLikesRs 3 måneder siden
Yall need to do DCT swap on it, and DOC racing kit. Will make the car a crazy beast.
gloomyxyz 3 måneder siden
The 'detailer' need to use a nano polisher for the thinner and smaller area instead of forcing the 5" DA to work in those areas.
Backyard Mechanic Restorations
Backyard Mechanic Restorations 3 måneder siden
You should build an old school muscle car like a twin turbo Chevy Nova SS or a Plymouth Fury with a supercharger, and a newer muscle car like a Drag Mustang or sum cool like that
waveyboyviCC6 3 måneder siden
N54 w some goodies and tuned gonna cook damn near anything u put next to it
Billy Owusu
Billy Owusu 3 måneder siden
What tint is on the windshield @ 7:50?
El Dios
El Dios 3 måneder siden
Why else gets that really nice dad vibe from tj
B bop85
B bop85 3 måneder siden
you didnt hit up Obsessed garaged for the detail..... kinda disappointed hahaha
Alex Trout
Alex Trout 3 måneder siden
Love how the n54 build is coming. If you guys decide to do a single turbo set up you can check out my detailed videos on how to install it. Thank you
JP B. Punayo
JP B. Punayo 3 måneder siden
Get a miata and do this
Nytrex 3 måneder siden
I wish you could restock that shirt jumba is wearing because I would buy 5 more of them not gonna lie
Torque & Co.
Torque & Co. 3 måneder siden
E30’s over the new beamers 😅
Ham Abdul
Ham Abdul 3 måneder siden
Exotic Auto Recycling is in Sac Teej not SF. Give credit where it belongs 😂
eCapone Tv
eCapone Tv 3 måneder siden
Get a 1995 Honda Civic !!!! 😂😭
ThatCrazyWuff 3 måneder siden
you need a bed cover so bad.
Grr8xtc 3 måneder siden
Paint on the BMW looks great. Get a carbon fiber hood to replace the chipped hood until you can have the whole thing painted. Can't wait to see what you do for more power
Big Daddy D
Big Daddy D 3 måneder siden
It’s a legal chop shop lol
Jaden Romero
Jaden Romero 3 måneder siden
Your videos are just a big ass ad now
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