The $10,000 Wing and Diffuser for my Audi R8!

  Ganger 306,756

Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

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Poway, CA

Austin Broussard
Austin Broussard 4 måneder siden
smoke or black out the tails and markers
Jacob Peifer
Jacob Peifer 4 måneder siden
R.I.P. Headphone users
Diana - Shivan
Diana - Shivan 4 måneder siden
Hey TJ, will you be selling your Rear Spoiler/Diffuser? please let me know. Thanks bud IG: sbaboolal
Alexander 4 måneder siden
Some smoked taillights would be 100%
Elizer Gaza
Elizer Gaza 4 måneder siden
Tj nead to have Nsx na1 or 2 Rx7 done Evo 9 Supra Gtr r34 All in white
blake albery
blake albery 4 måneder siden
you should run it a while with no spoiler👀👀
It's Manny
It's Manny 4 måneder siden
Carlos Sosa
Carlos Sosa 4 måneder siden
The color is way off
Alex FILMS 4 måneder siden
Spinning boyz coming soon🤔
Topic Neymar
Topic Neymar 4 måneder siden
twin turbo that shettttt
Raymond Gutierrez
Raymond Gutierrez 4 måneder siden
Looks like the paint on the rear bumper does not match????
Brian Sowers
Brian Sowers 4 måneder siden
Someone told you what to check for the start up issue. But a lot of exotics first push is wake up, second is start. Not sure this counts as exotic.
Denzel Sampler
Denzel Sampler 4 måneder siden
Calvin is hilarious 😂
amit sela
amit sela 4 måneder siden
Love the daliy vlogs!!
S The Key
S The Key 4 måneder siden
8:00 track name??
Taylor Brunner
Taylor Brunner 4 måneder siden
When we seeing a ugr build on the channel?
PhoneyFN 4 måneder siden
is it just me or does the r8 look better with no badges on the back??
LS DEMON 4 måneder siden
What happened to your twin turbo c8?
Evan MacPeek
Evan MacPeek 4 måneder siden
Idk if it’s me or the camera but the rear bumper color looks a little off . But sweet car
andrew perez
andrew perez 4 måneder siden
Damn that lighting made him look cut thought he was making gains. Coming from another skinny guy I understand lol
Pistolpetep99 Heng
Pistolpetep99 Heng 4 måneder siden
Grab a OBDeleven bro .. you will figure out why it’s clicking when it starts and u can clear your codes!!
samuel locock
samuel locock 4 måneder siden
i kinda like it bumper deleted
Adam Routley
Adam Routley 4 måneder siden
Dave Mirra Audio feels!!!
Dewald Grobler
Dewald Grobler 4 måneder siden
The white on the rear bumper looks better than the white on the car.
Dewald Grobler
Dewald Grobler 4 måneder siden
Let us know if KEEPS products works Calvin?
Mark K
Mark K 4 måneder siden
Bro that paint match for the rear bumper 😂 if i can tell through a video idk what else to say...
James Spiby
James Spiby 4 måneder siden
I just don't like the vented bit under the lights at the back
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy 4 måneder siden
Well it's White and it is on the car.....But the White is a different shade. Perhaps you sould have removed both rear wings, sent them along with the bumper cover to have the White blended on to them as well. ; - )
Howee 4 måneder siden
What’s the go with the truck in the background of the rear diffuser install?
PNW Touring
PNW Touring 4 måneder siden
I like how your playing sublime in the background at the beginning
Marco Villagran
Marco Villagran 4 måneder siden
(COUGH) (COUGH) nice Audi R8(Lexus LFA wannabe)
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 4 måneder siden
The little white things in the diffuser's corners do be ruining it, you have to cut them off man.
fpschorsch 4 måneder siden
Calvin the supreme Chooooooch🤷‍♂️🤣
Robindabank 4 måneder siden
Yo is it me or is this music making the vid hit different 🤔
Edric_ Teng
Edric_ Teng 4 måneder siden
I dunno why but the b-roll went hard this vid
Subi Driver
Subi Driver 4 måneder siden
You have to cut or paint those tabs in the rear defuser
Blake K.
Blake K. 4 måneder siden
Leave all the Emblems off it looks sweet with out them
PROFOUND GARAGE 4 måneder siden
Tbh that rear end is sick but it kinda looks like a LFA Rear end
Radbmw 1
Radbmw 1 4 måneder siden
Is it just me but the back of the r8 in that angle looks like a Lexus LFA
christoff louw
christoff louw 4 måneder siden
Can you do budget build which is more obtainable for younger/ smaller pocketed viewers give bit more inspiration to great similar builds.
M Performance
M Performance 4 måneder siden
You and vehicle Virgin make those goofy faces on all your thumbnails
Nathan bounour
Nathan bounour 4 måneder siden
New music is lit, like the background entertainment
kogul ragavan
kogul ragavan 4 måneder siden
LFA ish rear end that’s crazy
TheFinch80 4 måneder siden
bro keep it stock body DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM
Carlos Pineda
Carlos Pineda 4 måneder siden
Enjoying this r8 series
Danny Hwang
Danny Hwang 4 måneder siden
So Street Hunter R8????
CrackingTheGlobe 4 måneder siden
So stoked for the new shop, Cutty!!!
Victor Mukozi
Victor Mukozi 4 måneder siden
The music selection is on fire bro😅🔥
josh traynor
josh traynor 4 måneder siden
lfa vibes just saying...
basshead medrano 89
basshead medrano 89 4 måneder siden
Tj you should make a video of a tour of all your cars 👌👍👍👍👍
hendrik jan
hendrik jan 4 måneder siden
the back looks so damm sexy!!!
Christopher 4 måneder siden
its like an early vlogmas. love it!
Tyler Stence
Tyler Stence 4 måneder siden
there's still some white tabs sticking into the diffuser cavity, shoulda cut those off
Niels B
Niels B 4 måneder siden
I think the problem with starting the car is nog really a problem but a standard thing on some sport/super cars. Shmee150 has the same thing with some of his cars. First press for power second press for ignition. Hoped this would maybe help. KEEP MOVING FORWARD 4 måneder siden
Music in this vlog today was amazing! Keep it up.
Rush Snipez
Rush Snipez 4 måneder siden
Wassup with the wack music yo??
Michael Tellez
Michael Tellez 4 måneder siden
Does it have active aero ?
Ian Davis
Ian Davis 4 måneder siden
By far the best intro to date, all because of the song 🤙
Arv Singh
Arv Singh 4 måneder siden
Hello, first of all, I love your content! Keep it up! Are you selling the old wing? If so, I would like to purchase it, I am willing to pay for the cost to ship to the UK. Please let me know if you're interested. Thank you.
Mrmobjr 4 måneder siden
It’s 2:30 rn where’s the new vid
JD Human
JD Human 4 måneder siden
I'm in love with Audi especially that R8
A P 4 måneder siden
The white notches on the bumper look weird
Bryan Richardson
Bryan Richardson 4 måneder siden
Loved the music and loved the edit!! ❤️❤️
Efren jose
Efren jose 4 måneder siden
Tj needs to do a Kswap on the Brz, he won’t regret it
Ernie Jacobson
Ernie Jacobson 4 måneder siden
Where’s the c8 ?
king zom-b
king zom-b 4 måneder siden
Can we get the names to these songs 🔥🚒
CK 4 måneder siden
start small with diagnosing, if you have a brake light on maybe start with the brakes. The car may not be recognizing you on the brake so it turns on to the accessory mode instead of fully turning on from the first time. might be a sensor!
MUD & DUST MEDIA 4 måneder siden
The rear is sick, but it looks like the paint on the bumper is mismatched.
Scott Music
Scott Music 4 måneder siden
Will u trade me out for the weekend ill drop off my Q5???
John DelReal
John DelReal 4 måneder siden
Pay that man! (Kuya Calvin) MVK Most Valuble Kuya
Junior Vega
Junior Vega 4 måneder siden
R8 coming along man looking sick keep up the good work 🔥
Gromitz101 4 måneder siden
Your hyperlink to meguiars is not working for me.
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
Just picked up a nice package of meguiars products today 💯
Gabriel Q.
Gabriel Q. 4 måneder siden
Yo TJ you should collab with NOS and make some 🔥🔥🔥 phone cases
Jordan Robinson
Jordan Robinson 4 måneder siden
Beg you cut them white taps that stick out to the defuser, looks so weird
NENNESTAM 4 måneder siden
Hey man! You should put together a playlist on spotify with ypu fav music xD
Noah Davison
Noah Davison 4 måneder siden
Does anyone know the between 7:08 and 8:26
Chris, Chief Cope
Chris, Chief Cope 4 måneder siden
Why’s your man wearing that training bra?
Jason Milam
Jason Milam 4 måneder siden
That new wing is too high. Looks like shit.
dave parry
dave parry 4 måneder siden
SORRY but the MUSIC on this vid had me turning the volume OFF.... Why cant anyone other than GOONZQUAD get it right
Frank Gaffney
Frank Gaffney 4 måneder siden
Teej should name the car R8chel
Timothy Welford
Timothy Welford 4 måneder siden
Bumper different white
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 4 måneder siden
TJ will probably go to the dentist and the dentist will tell him his teeth are fuck from using proxcide
KevBot 4 måneder siden
I actually like the stock wing more
Tommy Hurley
Tommy Hurley 4 måneder siden
keep the badge-less look
willmx85 4 måneder siden
Rear bumper is a completely different colour to the rest of the car
elliot zorn
elliot zorn 4 måneder siden
Damn what's the music he's playing? Sounds so good
gimpeyLegs 4 måneder siden
Just me or is the bumper a different white than the body?
ImDatBoi YT
ImDatBoi YT 4 måneder siden
Have you tried to disable anti thief mode for it to start
Parker Phillips
Parker Phillips 4 måneder siden
love the what i got instrumental
Natalias2k 4 måneder siden
Love watching this channel! Have always been into cars and after buy my s2000 i have fallen more inlove with cars ! That motivated me to start a NOpost channel it would be a pleasure if you guys check it out!
Rick AK
Rick AK 4 måneder siden
Dale Abbott
Dale Abbott 4 måneder siden
There is nothing better than a phenomenal rear end!
Braedyn Dunn
Braedyn Dunn 4 måneder siden
i have been watching your videos for a couple of years now, you and sabrina never fail to put a smile on my face! thanks tj
Absolute Rebuilds
Absolute Rebuilds 4 måneder siden
She’s looking good!! 💪
Philip2k 4 måneder siden
Nobody: TJ: If YoU GuYs HaVeN't hEaRd, We'Re dOiNg DaIlY VlOgS TiLl ThE EnD oF ThIs MoNtH
Kaine Williams
Kaine Williams 4 måneder siden
CEO of Cutting bumpers, keep up the good work teej !
ALEX 86 4 måneder siden
Red Hendrix
Red Hendrix 4 måneder siden
The white on the bumpers don't match the rest of the car
Ethan Kerr
Ethan Kerr 4 måneder siden
All in favour of TJ doing an E46 build like 👇
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