I SOLD my favorite car :(

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

well we all knew this day was coming soon enough right?
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Tj Hunt
Tj Hunt Måned siden
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Iza Umam
Iza Umam 26 dager siden
Please translate in language Indonesian
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia Måned siden
White svj
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez Måned siden
It’s the green Aventador
Leo Iglesias
Leo Iglesias Måned siden
watch it be the diablo and hes tricking us to think thats not the new car
Stephan Jacobs
Stephan Jacobs Måned siden
Hope its the M3 e46 in the back
Scott Deney
Scott Deney 2 dager siden
should have called it a GT-e
toyspeed71 9 dager siden
You Baught Emilia's Perf. The green one. 🤣💚
Shooff3.4 18 dager siden
Those brakes tho lol yikes
Tyreese Abrahams
Tyreese Abrahams 19 dager siden
The lamborghini perfmonte
Alfonso Torres Castillo
Alfonso Torres Castillo 20 dager siden
I’m happy you sold it. It’s time for something new!
CarCaviar 21 dag siden
An aventador doesn't need a twinturbo, only when you want to say Goodbye to it
Brisky Media
Brisky Media 23 dager siden
where’s the new car:(
SleezyEl Don
SleezyEl Don 25 dager siden
Dude I'm so happy for you!
Poketrevor 26 dager siden
my vote is an Aventador SV purely because of the Alex Choi thing
Iza Umam
Iza Umam 26 dager siden
Please translate in language Indonesian
Aizaz Khan Hadi
Aizaz Khan Hadi 27 dager siden
Aventador svj
ROB S 27 dager siden
its gonna be the Huracan Performante
Nismo Mike
Nismo Mike 28 dager siden
When Sabrina said "TJ THE GREAT"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr.illest Måned siden
its lambo sv
Johnathan Crumm
Johnathan Crumm Måned siden
The Diablo SV would have been the one I guessed that you had bought. You might want to consider a Diablo whenever you can again
Paul Moravec
Paul Moravec Måned siden
Alex Choi, dead giveaway lol! 🤣
Izo van Thiel
Izo van Thiel Måned siden
The white one with the ribbon on top!
MrDoobes Måned siden
Can we all just take random ass pot shots at it, imma start, imma guess alex and emilia put tj into contact with like dde or something who like puts him into contact with like vorsteiner rep who hooks him up with like stuff for a huricon or something for a Mclarren
ZU27U _
ZU27U _ Måned siden
458 for sure, if i’m right TJ’s gotta follow me back on insta @zu27u_ 😎
6.7cummins Måned siden
havent watched tj hunt that much but could it be a new 765lt?
Jaheim734 Tv
Jaheim734 Tv Måned siden
It’s a mclaren
Julian Tambourlas
Julian Tambourlas Måned siden
Pov: it's 2022 TJ posts Buying back the car I should never have sold.
valtzuuu Måned siden
TJ : I sold lambo EVERYBODY: YEES!
Julian Tambourlas
Julian Tambourlas Måned siden
6:22 all I can say is what don't pay rent needs to come out 😂
Ryan Walquist
Ryan Walquist Måned siden
Bet its the performante!
That F30
That F30 Måned siden
Performante GT3 🤷🏻‍♂️
Chase McGowen
Chase McGowen Måned siden
Infinity Fade
Infinity Fade Måned siden
Either huracan or mclaren
Owen Green
Owen Green Måned siden
White lambo in the back calling it now
Shaun shaunk
Shaun shaunk Måned siden
Tristan Taylor
Tristan Taylor Måned siden
Let her have the first Drive bro
Cruz Garage
Cruz Garage Måned siden
It’s a svj for the win
Timothy Bungato
Timothy Bungato Måned siden
Freshhkiicks last youtube video 👌🏽.... Nice replacement TJ. Congrats
JJH Måned siden
Satin black SVJ gold wheels 🔥
JJH Måned siden
@Jose Cabrera his good 🔥
Jose Cabrera
Jose Cabrera Måned siden
Ahhhh u watch master kiicks🤭
The Rubio Family
The Rubio Family Måned siden
That diablo is probably Dr Disrespects. Lol
Sebastian reyes
Sebastian reyes Måned siden
That’s probably the Aventador roadster because he was mentioning that he wanted a roadster
Maki Tiong
Maki Tiong Måned siden
your filipino sidekick is on point.
Squeaks Måned siden
But...but..... why trade an Aventador for a huracan🥺
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez Måned siden
Zee Jay
Zee Jay Måned siden
Betting on a performante
Bram. c_
Bram. c_ Måned siden
Its the performante 100%
GDWxAphillyated Måned siden
It's the roadster
Zhextel Måned siden
5:27 It hurts if he's losing the v12 lambo doors going to the huracan :(
Craig Ross
Craig Ross Måned siden
I think it's a Lamborghini Huracan
SomeJuanFixIt Måned siden
Shes earned the first drive bro!!
kiran21 Måned siden
It aint a huracan cauze he got an r8, aint an american muscle cause tj is a bit iffy on those, so porsche
Soilent Måned siden
Man, I haven't watched this channel in a while. What has Calvin become? I... don't understand these fashion accessories...
Mike H
Mike H Måned siden
Ur mate looks like a wack mr t 😂😂
Jazzelle Garcia
Jazzelle Garcia Måned siden
I hope you buy a SVJ
jaden pariat
jaden pariat Måned siden
It was already bought in Emilia’s channel
jaden pariat
jaden pariat Måned siden
Big Fella
Big Fella Måned siden
Bentley Gamer
Bentley Gamer Måned siden
Really loved your video! This is my favorite car! Hope you like it! nopost.info/throw/p6_OlaK0sKN8ltE/video
mohaimen kaream
mohaimen kaream Måned siden
He bought a Lamborghini Huracan 😂slow down the video and u will see what he was looking at it’s says “for Lamborghini Huracan”
adriann charles
adriann charles Måned siden
I think its a Porsche..
john DOE9309
john DOE9309 Måned siden
Don’t let Sabrina drive the car
Alex Koppenheffer
Alex Koppenheffer Måned siden
Saw a golden retriever- hit subscribe.
Dante Måned siden
TJ let Sabrina drive it first if you really love her, that’s a good Christmas present!
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh Måned siden
He's never selling the RX7 didn't fall for it for a second
mynameisrits Måned siden
Calvin looking like a Filipino big sean
GunGun Sixx
GunGun Sixx Måned siden
Let her drive it first
Jg 7
Jg 7 Måned siden
it’s the performante or normal huracan and he’s gonna get bodykit
Eren Zumrut
Eren Zumrut Måned siden
dude I hope you've got the one of the porsches !!!
Bryan Lawson
Bryan Lawson Måned siden
JMorgan Måned siden
Pretty sure the white lambo has a sold plaque on the dash
JMorgan Måned siden
Pretty sure the white lambo has a sold plaque on the dash
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez Måned siden
Just saw a commercial for rexult(whatever that is lol) and they ended the ad by saying keep moving forward
Big Boi Roi
Big Boi Roi Måned siden
Grayson Holiday
Grayson Holiday Måned siden
It’s the perfomante that’s my guess
JaredSVX Måned siden
Fingers crossed for an Aston
JaredSVX Måned siden
TJ finally adopted Calvin... Congrats
Cy3ber Yeti
Cy3ber Yeti Måned siden
Dude are u stradmans twin bro
Brian Feliciano
Brian Feliciano Måned siden
Liberty walk works Silhouette Lamborghini Huracan !!!! , thats the goo tooo bro🔥🔥
Emilio A
Emilio A Måned siden
what was the point of this video?
Ethan Ivo
Ethan Ivo Måned siden
I bet it’s the e46 m3 in the back 100%
TheGrandPrixGT00 Måned siden
Also... did anyone else notice Tj's eye's at 7:50... he's looking right at the Performante... 100% confirmed he's getting a Huracan.
TheGrandPrixGT00 Måned siden
Teej; your'e caught my dude, and you can thank both yourself and your amazing girlfriend for that :D Cause we all know it's going to be the Lamborghini Performate. You could see "Lamborghini" and obviously "Performate" on your phone when she said you were looking for parts. And you were TOTALLY trying to cover it up when you spoiled it by saying Alex Choi's name. But we all know... It's the Huracan. Which is so sad b/c they don't have Lambo doors! And the Aventador's just look so much sexier IMO! But than again. I'm bias either way. I'd go with a TT 2011/2012 Gallardo Superleggera. B/c I like the V10's and the look of that Lamborghini better than any other car in the entire world.
GTKnightz Måned siden
Honestly I think it could be the Diablo, didn’t seem to serious when saying he’d never see one again
Caden Saxon
Caden Saxon Måned siden
its the white huracon idk how to spell it though
Derrick Bongei
Derrick Bongei Måned siden
720s i think
Kory En
Kory En Måned siden
Your little mexican friend doing too much dressing like that🤣🤣🤣 clown
Erick Aragones
Erick Aragones Måned siden
No wonder u chose the perfomante it’s 1200 fucking horse power
Erick Aragones
Erick Aragones Måned siden
So it’s either huracán perfomonta or 600lt
TechLife Måned siden
Its a 720s
Junito Ocasio
Junito Ocasio Måned siden
PARADOX Måned siden
fuck u better not get that FD gone i swear
Midwest & Muscle
Midwest & Muscle Måned siden
ALLEN JAMES Måned siden
Disrespectful to the Mopars.
DonnyBRZ Måned siden
It’s the performante most likely
Mayjick The New
Mayjick The New Måned siden
It's going to the Alex Soto I mean I'm hyped that you sold it man! Hell yeah! Oh, I also had a Diablo poster in my room growing up. That's crazy...
H C Måned siden
It's the Diablo definitely the Diablo
Ek9 Luis
Ek9 Luis Måned siden
Let her drive it
Ek9 Luis
Ek9 Luis Måned siden
Let her drive it she should be first one before your friends
Todor Andonov
Todor Andonov Måned siden
Green Performante
BuckNastty Måned siden
It was the white huracan.
Mason owen
Mason owen Måned siden
Green Lambo Performante, I’m calling it... it’s at least a Huracan
tyler j
tyler j Måned siden
Its the performante bet when he said its gnarly like the 458 etc talking to alex choi about it hes doing a gt3 body performante
Johnny Måned siden
it's forsure a 600LT, you ain't foolin anyone teej
jacob Johnson
jacob Johnson Måned siden
Teej either you gotta let her drive the car or propose 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
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